Ring In The New Year With The Finest: Seafood, For The Ultimate Celebration!

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Dear customers,
Here’s to you!
Another year has come and gone…What could be more special than steamed Maine lobster, caviar, or a giant king crab leg for your New Year’s feast?


The Mongers at Monahan’s can’t thank you enough for giving us another great year at the market.
Since 79′ folks like you have helped keep small local places like ours around and enabled us to keep doing what we love.
We truly appreciate you.

Whole roasted Bronzini or Red Snapper are always an impressive crowd pleaser. One-pot dishes like Bouillabaisse, Paella, Cioppino or Oyster Stew are a celebration in themselves. A plate of steamed mussels or clams in a garlicky broth will warm your soul. Wild gulf shrimp cocktail, octopus salad, Maine lobster salad, smoked fish, pickled herring? It doesn’t get any better.

And don’t forget the oysters—the taste of the seven seas served in their own natural mother-of-pearl cup.

Happy New Year from all of us at Monahan’s. See you in 2018!

Monahan's Seafood

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