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Some gorgeous bluefish have been showing up at our market lately. Often dissed as a dark fleshed, oily, strong flavored fish, blues when fresh and fresh filleted are a delicious fish with a firm, buttery texture. Now don’t get me wrong, these fish definitely have a fuller flavor than cod or sole but they’re richness goes so well with bold flavored sauces, herbs and rubs. The acidity of citric sauces: tomatoes, capers, olives, the spiciness of blackened fish seasonings, Jamaican jerk and curries all are great with this toothy dark beauty. Bluefish holds it’s own with accompanying big flavors.


Last night I grilled a fillet of blue so I searched the fridge for some of those big flavors. Right off the bat I found a jar of Spanish piquillo pimientos, some capers and kalamata olives. There was a purple onion and with a good olive oil and vinegar I had the makings of a great relish to top the fish. Simple, fast and tasty!

Remember, the key to enjoying bluefish is to buy it nice and fresh from a fishmonger who cuts his own from whole fish. If it’s filleted then shipped from the east coast, it darkens up and loses its freshness and flavor quickly. That’s why lots of folks don’t think they like bluefish. They’ve never had it fresh!

Give this fish with flavor a try and see why love is blue!

Grilled Bluefish with Kalamata Piquillo Relish  Bernie’s fabulous romesco sauce would also be great on grilled bluefish as well as pan-seared.

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