Maine Shrimp Report 2012

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This year’s northern shrimp (pandalus borealis), or commonly referred to as Maine shrimp, season got off to a rough start. The Atlantic states marine fisheries Commission enacted a 70 percent reduction over last year’s quota. Last season’s catch of 13 million lbs. will be reduced to 4.4 million for 2012. Our normal December start to the season didn’t begin until January 2nd and unless there are changes in the quotas, our precious mid-winter treat might be cut short this year.

One spark of hope is a possible reassessment of the stocks. By the time you read this, the A.S.M.F.C. will have met (Jan 19th) with their northern shrimp technical committee. They will discuss revised stock data studies from, among others, U Mass fisheries scientist Dr. Steven Cadrin. Several scientists and lots of fishermen disagree with the science that this year’s quotas were based on. The northern shrimp fishery has been a very important winter boost for not only fishermen but also lots of others including processors, wholesalers, exporters and more.

Fisheries management has always been very complex and controversial .The fishermen, the government, the scientists, the environmentalists, the NGOs are all involved in policymaking and usually don’t agree on stock assessments and what should be done. The truth lies somewhere out there. It’s important to err on the side of protecting the resource and to also protect the long term well being of our hard working fishermen, their communities and their way of life.

Next week I’ll give you an update on how the A.S.M.F.C. meeting went.

We’ve seen plenty of ups and downs over the past 30 some years that we’ve been selling these delicious little shrimp. Overall management has worked well enough that we’re still supplied with this wild and wonderful resource.

For the time being were bringing them in fresh Mondays and Fridays, so get ‘em while they’re hot!


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