Tortillitas de Camerones (Shrimp Pancakes)

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Serves tapas for 5 or 2 for main course

10-12 oz. Maine shrimp (or gulf shrimp cut into 1/2 inch pieces) peeled

2/3 cup chickpea flour, sold at Sparrow Produce in Kerrytown

1/3 cup white flour

1/2 t baking powder

3/4 cup water

2 T onion (finely chopped)

2 T flat leaf parsley finely chopped

1t salt

1 t black pepper

Olive oil

Add flour to mixing bowl along with baking powder, salt and pepper. Slowly add water while vigorously whisking to get all the lumps out. The consistency should be somewhere between milk and cream. This is a very light batter, it may even appear too light but it should firm up nicely. Stir in shrimp, parsley and onions.

In a med. non-stick pan over high heat add about 1/2 inch of olive oil and when sizzling hot (not quite smoking) spoon in pancakes (about 4-6 inch diameter each) fry for about 2 min. a side or until nicely browned.

Mark Bittman’s method is for one big pancake, served cut into triangles.

If you try this style and don’t have the experience to flip ‘em in the pan, then transfer to plate when one side is finished and then flip it back into pan.

The larger tortillitas will take around 3 min. a side

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