Rehashed Salmon Hash

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We all know that sometimes leftovers are better than the original meal! There’s not a better leftover food out there than salmon and with a summer full of delicious, healthful Pacific wild salmon along with great quality Atlantic farm raised  ahead of us we should have lots of fantastic leftovers to work with!

grilled salmon

I like the smokiness of grilled salmon, but baked, broiled, pan seared or steamed work just fine to top a salad, make salmon cakes, quesadillas, salmon salad sandwiches, let your imagination go wild!

My all time favorite Sunday morning breakfast is poached eggs over salmon hash! The richness of the salmon, the tartness of vinegar and capers with a little sweet purple onion and pimentos makes a fantastic and healthy start to the day. When the wild salmon are running, I always make sure to bring extra home just so I can stretch it out for a couple more meals.

Last Sunday we used Saturday night’s grilled wild Yukon chum (keta) salmon to make hash. We also have beautiful wild Alaskan sockeye in this weekend. Leftovers never tasted so good!

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