SOUPer Bowl Seafood Sensations- Manhattan vs. New England – Chowder That Is

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New York and Boston, both great seafood towns, both with their own styles of clam chowder. Football fans in either city are as loyal to their chowders as they are their teams. Any New Yorker will tell you that the only chowder worth eating is the red, tomato based Manhattan clam chowder and in Boston the white, cream based New England clam chowder is the favorite.

Hey! What a perfect match up for your Super Bowl party grub. Whether you’re a Patriots or a Giants fan, serving both a New York and New England chowder would be awesome. Our chowder master, and manager, Bernie Fritzsch is pretty famous in these parts for both his red and white chowders. He’s also a great football fan and in the spirit of the Super Bowl, he will share both his New England and his Manhattan recipes with you. We’ll be offering both chowders, either hot or cold to take home and heat up, this weekend.

To go along with the chowder, how about a whole spread of delicious snacks from the sea. A few ideas are recipes that are available already prepared at our market or on this website. Imagine a layout of tangy Cajun shrimp salad, smoked salmon or bluefish spread, hot crab dip, octopus salad, halibut or snapper ceviche, lobster salad, stuffed clams and tomato parmesan anchovy crostini (Carson’s tapas).

And since we’re still seeing beautiful fresh Maine shrimp, we’ve got a real treat planned for Super Bowl weekend- Buffalo Maine Shrimp! We’ll be frying ‘em up at the store but preparing this dish at home is a cinch. Simply dip cleaned shrimp in 1/2 and 1/2, dredge in Drakes batter mix, then fry in about 1/2 inch peanut or vegetable oil. Drain shrimp on a paper towel or grocery bag then toss in a mixing bowl with a good amount of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. They’re fantastic as is, but you can serve them with blue cheese or Thousand Island dressing and celery sticks if you’d like.

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