Summer in Michigan is peaking, and so is Great Lakes Whitefish!

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August is Michigan month at Monahan’s! We’re celebrating all of our amazing, delicious local fish and tying in with other Michigan foods and products. This week’s report stars the Great Lakes Whitefish. Of all the fish that we offer from the lakes the whitefish is the unsung hero. A salmon relative, these guys look like giant herring and aren’t the most beautiful of fish, but the flesh is delicate and delicious.

Whitefish are a wonderful and under appreciated  fish, it’s so common here that people take the poor things for granted. For me, this fish fits the bill for everything you’d want for your dinner. It has a long Michigan history, supporting many fisherman, fishing communities and Native American way of life. It’s a local sustainable fish that has made a great comeback and is caught in great numbers. It’s super versatile and can be quickly and easily prepared in almost any method from broiling to baking, encrusted with nuts, coated with potatoes, planking, blackening, and more. Because of the abundance, it’s one of the most inexpensive fish that we offer.

Monahan’s sources whitefish mainly from Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Caught in trap nets and scaled, filleted, and pin-boned by hand in our store. This is the moment! Michigan corn, local tomatoes with fresh basil & balsamic vinegar, and a scrumptious, simply baked Great Lakes whitefish. The crickets, cicadas, and tree frogs are chirpin’… oh yes it’s August In Michigan!

The Simplest Baked Whitefish

Grilled Great Lakes Whitefish with Tomato, Caper, Dill Relish

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