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Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us! Many fans (and many who just like an excuse to get together with friends and eat Super Bowl food) will be getting together this weekend to watch the battle between two great seafood cities, Baltimore and San Francisco. The game will be played in another great seafood city, New Orleans. Trying to think of a theme for this article has lots of possibilities. New Orleans po’ boys, gumbo, shrimp rémoulade, oysters Rockefeller would all be great to serve for the game. Baltimore style crab cakes or oysters on the half shell would also be a hit. How about the famous fisherman’s stew from San Francisco? Cioppino, full of fish and shellfish and a sauce that’s perfect for sopping with a crusty San Francisco sourdough baguette.

Former fishmonger, Deveaux, wears a Giant Pacific Octopus on his head (circa sometime in the 1980s)

Former fishmonger, Deveaux, wears a Giant Pacific Octopus on his head (circa sometime in the 1980s)

Since we have recipes for all the above, I’d thought I’d share one that would probably be more appropriate for hockey’s Stanley Cup playoffs than the Super Bowl. Our octopus salad is certainly not representative of any of this year’s Super Bowl towns, but it sure is delicious! It’s also a dish that’s a little something different, that’s easy to make and your guests will inhale it! Serve with fresh lemon wedges and maybe some Louisiana Tabasco sauce or Crystal hot sauce (available at Monahan’s direct from Louisiana). The crowd will go wild!

We’re also including our buffalo shrimp recipe that was such a big hit for the last Super Bowl.

This weekend buffalo shrimp and peel ‘n eat gulf shrimp, steamed in Baltimore’s own, Old Bay seasoning, will be available at the market, all made up and ready for the game.

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