To Health and Long Life – Pickled Herring!

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Before the world’s oldest person, Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper of the Netherlands, passed away in 2005 at 115, she shared the secret to her longevity- “pickled herring every day”.
  She may have been half joking but I truly believe that it probably had a lot to do with it. With no traces of Alzheimer’s she seemed sharp as a tack right to the end. Herring is loaded with Omega 3’s, selenium, vitamin D, B-12, protein, calcium and other good stuff.

We’ve been selling pickled herring since we opened in ‘79. People from all over the world enjoy our matjes herring, pickled herring, wine herring, our own creamed herring and the hard core make their own from our beautiful fat schmaltz herring. market-herring
These herring are sold whole in brine and need to be soaked in water or milk to remove some of the salt before they are pickled in whatever the favorite ethnic family recipe might be. Vinegar, sugar, onions and spices are usually the base ingredients and the final product might be served with sour cream, mustard, potatoes, eggs, beets or made into a salad. Crackers or thin pumpernickel or rye are a nice accompaniment. We like a slice of herring on Swedish rye crisp with lots of the pickled onions on top.

I love all of our herring products but there is nothing as fresh tasting, buttery and delicious as pickling your own herring. It’s fun and easy! We fillet and skin, you soak and pickle. Try this recipe and then the next time you make it you can adjust the salt, sugar and spices if you wish.

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