¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo 2018!

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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Detroit, Michigan

Cinco de Mayo in Detroit, Michigan © Lisa Monahan Photography

Cinco de Mayo falls on Saturday this year and so does the Kentucky derby! How about a refreshing tequila mint julep?  We Americans like any excuse for a good party. The derby is a great American springtime tradition that has been a great party theme for years. The celebration of Cinco de Mayo keeps getting bigger, here, every year! Bars and restaurants all over the country will be pushing the theme, big time, this fifth of May. Now don’t get me wrong, I like an excuse to eat great food and have a couple of drinks as much as the next guy but lets take a moment to appreciate what Cinco de Mayo is all about.

La Battala de Puebla took place on May 5, 1862 when Napoleon III sent in troops during the attempted French colonization of Mexico. Heading towards Mexico City the French troops, at least 6,000 of them, encountered a poorly equipped army of around 4,000 Mexicans in the town of Puebla in the state of Puebla. The Mexicans won the battle against great odds. The bravery, determination and resourcefulness have been a source of national pride, especially in the Puebla region. The growing Mexican and Latino population in the U.S. celebrates the day as a time of pride in their people and their culture. Parades and festivals are held all over the country.

The people of Mexican heritage are very welcoming and hospitable. Celebrate with them if you can (we live not far from Detroit’s Mexican town and we’re heading down there Saturday night!) If you don’t live near any festivities, go to a good Mexican restaurant or have a fiesta with friends in your home. What Cinco de Mayo should really mean to us non-Hispanics is to have a day to commemorate the vibrant, colorful, festive, fun, delicious and rich culture that they’re sharing with us.

See below for links to some Mexican recipes on our site and here’s one for some tasty shrimp quesadillas.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration in Detroit, MI © Lisa Monahan Photography

¡Buen Provecho!

Shrimp Tacos

Salmon Quesadillas

Red Snapper Veracruz

Monahan’s Baja-Style Fish Tacos

Pico de Gallo

No celebration is complete without my mother-in-law, Susan’s, killer margaritas! An all time favorite in our house.

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