Gettin’ Saucy With Fresh Chopped Sea Clams

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Out of everything we sell at the market, clams have always been one of my favorite gems from the sea! So many possibilities. Giant geoduck clams for sushi, little manila clams for clams con le vongole or miso soup. Quahogs for stuffing, cherrystones on the half shell, littlenecks for Portuguese cataplana, ciopinno, clams casino or just steamed in white wine with garlic and parsley, soft shell steamer clams, razor clams grilled or steamed.. Incredible variety!


Out of all the clams that we sell there is one clam that we use an awful lot of because they’re used in our New England and our Manhattan clam chowders. It’s a clam that many of you are not familiar with. A clam that is probably one of the biggest selling clams in the country. It’s too big and too tough for steaming or even eating on the half shell, but its meat is sweet and it’s fantastic in chowders and sauces. Any guesses? It’s the sea clam (or surf clam). Sea clams are large; they can be 9 inches wide and weigh up to 1 lb. They’re caught offshore in up to 120 ft. of water with hydraulic dredges. We’ve been buying them from MF Foley in Massachusetts for 40 years.

Fresh chopped sea clams are a sustainable fishery and are low in fat, full of protein, selenium, omega 3s, vitamin A, iron and niacin. On top of all that they are a great value!

Make chowder, a seafood pizza with clams or try this delicious red clam sauce over pasta. Enjoy!

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