Planking Up Some Salmon on Independence Day

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Wow, the Fourth of July already! It seems to pop up so quickly every year. Family, friends, fireworks and cookouts. I don’t know if you’ve planned your grilling menu yet but I have the perfect idea for serving large (or small) groups that is so simple and will probably be one of the most delicious and memorable meals of the summer!

Planked salmon is as easy as soaking a cedar plank, laying the fillet on it, placing on the grill and basting it occasionally with the lid closed until the fillet is opaque in the center. You don’t even need to plate it; you can set the whole plank on a trivet and attack! No flipping, no flaking apart on the grill, no muss no fuss, what could be easier?

grilling salmon

Some of our employees attacking the salmon (circa 2014)

We use our Irish whiskey maple glaze (available at Monahan’s) to baste the salmon because it perfectly compliments the richness of the salmon along with the smokiness from the plank. Teriyaki sauce or, as they do in the Pacific Northwest, maple syrup are fine too. Don’t worry about the salmon coming out too sweet, the smoky salmon flavor will stand out in the final product.

We have wild Alaskan Sitka king and Copper River sockeye salmon coming in for the holiday weekend along with Atlantic farmed salmon.

Enjoy! And have a happy 4th!

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2 Responses to “Planking Up Some Salmon on Independence Day

  • Headed your way for some Fourth of July oysters! Are you guys open Monday, July 5, 2021?

    Or will you be closed in observance of the holiday?

    Thank you guys!

    • mm
      Monahan's Seafood
      3 years ago

      Hi Joy,
      We are open on the 5th. Closed on the 4th. Enjoy the oysters!💙

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