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It’s Super Bowl time again! The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the mighty Patriots of New England and all of our East Coast seafood suppliers are going wild. Most everybody loves a Super Bowl party; even the non-football fans get into the commercials and the Super Bowl grub.

new england clam chowderIn honor of the people who send us some of the finest seafood in the world, here are a few ideas for a super menu from the sea. What would be more appropriate (if you’re a Pats fan that is) than a bowl of rich creamy New England clam chowder? Our chowder master, Bernie Fritzsch’s, recipe is pretty easy and always a crowd pleaser.

My stuffed clam recipe (Mike’s stuffies) is fantastic. Loaded with fresh clam, a little breading, some roasted red pepper, Reggiano Parmesan and pancetta; your guest will love them. We’ll have some nice cherrystone clams from Rhode Island coming in today, plump and ready for stuffing.

lobster rollWhat’s more New England than a lobster roll? Monahan’s lobster salad on a grill buttered hot dog bun- voilà. Oysters on the half shell, shrimp cocktail, smoked fish, creamed herring, salmon burgers, shrimp rémoulade. The sky is the limit for a Super Seafood Super Bowl.

buffalo shrimpBernie will be making up some New England clam chowder along with his own shrimp artichoke dip (just heat and serve) along with smoked salmon paté, and the party favorite – buffalo shrimp!

So if you’re not serving Philly cheese steak hoagies or cream cheese on a bagel, savor some treasures from the sea and enjoy the game!

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