The Ebb and the Flow

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Following the comings and goings of the seasons and their offerings from the lakes and seas gives us, at the market, a rich feeling of continuity and ever changing life. Always something that’s here now and at it’s best, and always something coming into its season to look forward to. Combined with all the holidays, ethnic and religious celebrations we’re always getting ready for something new.

Maine shrimp season ended this week. These sweet little Arctic gems always give a fresh lift to the after holiday doldrums. We’ll miss them, but if they were available year round, they just wouldn’t be as special. The Nantucket bay scallop season started in October and runs until March. These scallops are truly one of the world’s finest and we’ve been overnighting them in all season, so come and get ‘em!

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Two days ago was Ash Wednesday and as we go into the Lenten season many of our Catholic customers will be enjoying more fish than usual (especially our fish and chips on Fridays). Tuesday we offered New Orleans barbecued head on gulf shrimp for our lunch special for Fat Tuesday and folks were buying lots of oysters and ingredients for gumbo and étouffée.

Before we know it Passover will be here and we’ll be grinding fish for gefilte fish and once Easter has arrived we know we’ve made it through the winter and the shad with their rich nutty roe will be coming in! Once again soft shell crabs will be gracing our ice and in the blink of an eye, giant succulent, regal Alaskan Copper River kings, dripping with pure fatty health, will appear. You know, you could enjoy a different seafood meal every day for the rest of you’re life and never duplicate it. Really. Try to pick the ” fish of the moment”, choose a great recipe and flow with the seasons.

Here are some easy whitefish recipes for you:

Almond Crusted Great Lakes Whitefish

Grilled Great Lakes Whitefish with Tomato Caper Relish

Pan-Seared Whitefish with Beurre Noir

The Simplest Lake Superior Whitefish


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