The Fruits of Our Labor- Local Corn, Tomatoes & Wild Salmon!

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It’s hard to believe it’s Labor Day weekend already. It’s kind of sad that summer is almost over but happily, we’re right in the thick of harvest season and there’s some great eating to be had. This weekend at Monahan’s, were expecting some seasonal delights to compliment all that wonderful produce that will be right outside our door at the farmers market.

Bluefish have been fattening up and we’ll be bringing in some beauties from Rhode Island. We’ve had a great summer of wild Pacific salmon, this weekend we’ll be offering wild Alaskan, king & some Copper River coho salmon. It’s almost over for the summer so enjoy while the gettins’ good! We also have beautiful whole jumbo black sea bass coming in along with Florida red snapper, gorgeous pink snapper from New Zealand & beautiful wild striped bass. salmon curing in salt

Tons of whole fish, steaked fish and shellfish to grace your holiday weekend grill, including some onset oysters from Cape Cod & some larger sized pemaquids from Maine! Let them poach in their own liquor and baste with garlic herb butter or garlic BBQ sauce– OOOEEEE!

Today’s recipe uses the best corn and tomatoes of the year. We recommended wild salmon, since the season is almost over, but this salsa would be great with some nice rich bluefish or swordfish. Another simple, great recipe for large (or small) groups is planked salmon. Cedar planks and our Irish whiskey maple glaze are available at Monahan’s.

As usual, last night as my wife, Lisa, was shooting this dish for today’s report, dinner was served cold! But you know, the grilled salmon with this salsa was still fantastic cold. Perfect picnic fare! Enjoy.


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